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New Arduino stuff


It would appear i’ve been living under a rock the past week or so and have completely missed that new Arduino boards were released 4 days ago‚Ķ (more…)

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MetaWatch coming soon…ish…


If you’ve been following the developments regarding MetaWatch – TI’s, Fossil’s and HP’s little Bluetooth MCU appliance watch / dev platform (more…)

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Chronoduino face templates


Just on the odd chance someone has an idea for a Chronoduino face and wants to design a board, here are some (hopefully) useful templates… (more…)

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I can no haz eZ430


Guh. Finally heard from the local Farnell importer. Turns out my eZ430 Chronos kit was never even shipped. Yay. (more…)

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Behold! A Chronoduino!


So, what’s wrong (in my humblest of opinions) with the MakerBot Watch? Well, nothing actually. And a lot of things. It’s not that it’s bad, it’s just that i want MOAR! (more…)

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New pet project


Most people aren’t familiar with it, since it was pretty much a one-time thing, but there once was this thing called MakerBot Watch… (more…)

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Waiting for my eZ430


Ordered one of Texas Instruments’ eZ430 Chronos kits. Thought it might make for an awesome toy development platform… (more…)

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