YouTube for schematics

Dangerous Prototypes writes about CircuitBee – a unique new web service for quick’n’easy sharing and archiving of electronic schematics.

As the author puts it, CircuitBee “is a bit like YouTube, only for electronic schematics”. And that’s more or less how it works. You can upload KiCAD and Eagle .sch files, have them flagged as private or public, link them or embed them in your blog.

It’s currently in an open beta alpha, but seems pretty stable and fast. Unlike KiCAD files, EAGLE files aren’t directly supported, but needs to be exported via a ULP available at the CircuitBee site. The ULP also picks out all the used symbols and packs them in a library you upload after the .sch. Check out the import guide for more info.

Here’s what the Chronoduino schematic looks like:

And here’s the cFace schematic:

Go check it out!

source: Dangerous Prototypes

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