MetaWatch coming soon…ish…

If you’ve been following the developments regarding MetaWatch – TI’s, Fossil’s and HP’s little Bluetooth MCU appliance watch / dev platform – you know things have been looking a bit grim lately.

MetaWatch preorders for developers should’ve shipped on June 30th (my birthday, incidentally), but were delayed without any official word or even a change in the expected shipping date on the Texas Instruments estore site. A few days or so ago, the MetaWatch head honcho finally revealed the MetaWatches eager devs have been awaiting will be delayed till August, due to production (supply chain) problems.

Ever since, i’ve been keeping an eye on the developments and yesterday… looky here:

Yay! Hope they stick to that date. Unlike the last time.
Think i’m gonna read the system overview one more time while i wait ;)

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